Schizobetes and the WebMD effect

I will be the first to admit I am ridiculously paranoid every time I sign on to WebMD.   For instance…the other day I had a bump on the roof of my mouth.   Being that I am a diabetic in my early 30s and now get paranoid that every little thing is going to be a long term side effect of my 23 year old disease, I jumped on the WebMD symptom checker and determined it could be one of two things:

  1. An allergic reaction caused by the changing of weather.
  2. Mouth cancer

Immediately I start to freak out assuming that I have mouth cancer and need to get to the doctor asap (by the way, it cleared up and was gone the next morning).  Now I am not advocating avoiding the doctor and ignoring the problem when something is wrong.  God knows our parents were always told to tough it out and only go to the doctor when something is broken.

My whole point is that we have all seen literature and media on long term complications that can be caused by diabetes.   It is only natural that this makes one a bit paranoid as they get older in life and start to assume that every little infection or bump is probably signs of a terminal disease.   Part of living a full life with diabetes, however, is to not live it in constant fear.   Yes you should take care of yourself and yes you should do what you can to keep your A1C at a normal level, but I can see how being over obsessive can be detrimental to your health and enjoyment of life.

WebMD can be a good diagnostic tool for small things, but for me, I think it causes more stress than necessary.

Diabetic Neuropathy or I’m Really Getting Worried Right Now

I am attaching a dlife link for a very important reason.   The past few weeks I have experienced some slight tingling and numbness in my fingers.   I am well aware of what this is.  Being a diabetic for the past 22+ years has caused some nerve damage.   Quite frankly…this has been really scary for me and a bit of a wakeup call (not to mention one of the main reasons I have started this blog).  I have an appointment with the endocrinologist in a week to discuss this and my A1C.




The article contains the below symptoms:

The primary symptoms of all neuropathies except autonomic are tingling, numbness, and/or pain in the affected area. Other symptoms of nerve damage may include indigestion, nausea, or vomiting; diarrhea or constipation; dizziness or faintness due to a drop in blood pressure after standing or sitting up; problems with urination; erectile dysfunction in men or vaginal dryness in women; and weakness.

via Diabetic Neuropathy (Nerve Damage): Causes, Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy & Autonomic Neuropathy.

I  take responsibility for my health, and I haven’t always (more often that I would like to admit) taken the best care of myself through my 20s.   I was always active, but at times I took my diabetes for granted and acted like it was more of a nuisance rather than a focus in my life.   When I was a competitive swimmer in my teens and working out 4 hours a day, it seemed that I could put any sort of food in my mouth with very limited effect on my blood sugar.   Pasta, pizza, fried food…you name it.   It seemed like all the exercise would just burn off the calories and prevent high blood sugars.   Fast forward 10 years and I don’t know where all the time has gone.   I’ve had a career for 9 years and I admit that has been more of a focus during my life than diabetes has.  

I thought that partying, school and work were the most important aspects of my life and what made me happy.  Now, however, I am beginning to realize that none of that really matters without my health.   When I was in my early 20s and constantly exercising, I didn’t think twice about complications always thinking I had time to grow up, figure it out and take care of myself.   Now…i’m at the age where complications have become a reality and I have to admit, this really scares me…like alot alot.  

My focus needs to change from how I plan to get that next job or promotion to how I plan to keep my sugars below 120 on a daily basis.

OneTouch UltraLink

My OneTouch Ultra meter broke down the other day.   I had been using the thing daily for the past few years and it finally went kaput (though I’ve still been testing through my backup).   So I called OneTouch and after waiting on hold for 20 minutes while I listened to a god awful rendition of Chariots of Fire, I spoke with a CSR who told me I was eligible for a new meter.   Now I am not one to turn down a free meal (unless its broccoli…ugh) so I gladly accepted and was told I could have a replacement or the UltraLink that would wirelessly transmit readings to my Mini-med pump…a nifty time saver no doubt.   OneTouch sent it out overnight shipping directly to my office and…drum roll please…

MY NEW METER!!!   Ok so its not a new car and I didn’t just win a vacation to Hawaii, but when you think about it…this will probably rival my pump and iPad as the most used piece of electronics over the next few years.

This things comes out of the gate making alot of promises:

  • Fast and Easy
  • Results in 5 seconds (pretty much industry standard but I remember my first OneTouch took 45 seconds…oh the 80s were quite the decade)
  • Auto communication of results to my pump…nice, maybe not that big of a time saver but still convenient
  • High degree of accuracy across the full range of glucose values (for as much as i pay for OneTouch strips…it better be accurate!)

Lets see what is in this fancy schmancy box:

It is pretty much all the standard stuff you get with a OneTouch product:

  • Meter
  • Poker
  • Case
  • bottle of 10 strips (which is nice since those things cost an arm and a leg…the real money maker for LifeScan).
  • Also the instructions in English and Espanol as well as a quick reference guide and
  • 2 AAA batteries already installed

I went to set it up…without reading the instructions of course and found out it was already set up with the correct date and West Coast time…I had to change it to EST and program the strip code but other than that…I was good to go.

Since it was about noon and just before lunch I decided to test.   It works just like the regular one touch.  Put the strip in and it automatically tells you  to apply your blood sample.  I did the obligatory poke and…

Just as it said, it transmitted directly to my pump.  All I had to do was confirm the number of carbs I was having for lunch and was good to go.

So all in all this thing seems to follow through on its promise pretty seamlessly.  You can also add comments about your results such as “Not enough food” and “mild exercise”.  I haven’t looked into the downloading features and graphing abilities but assume that they are serviceable for your physician if this thing is like other recent OneTouch meters.

So far I have to say i’m pretty happy with the fact that the wireless capability follows through as said and that the interface doesn’t take a Phd to operate.   After my next appt with Dr. Endo at the end of the month, I will let you know how the results graph out.

Back from Vacation and Starting CFE Training

Just got back from a vacation with the gf. We spent 3 days in Miami and 4 in Key West. The ultimate plan was for me to do 2 crossfit workouts on the road with 3 runs mixed in. Well…I ended up 0-5. Partly on account of my ability to sleep late after happy hour specials at the bar and also that it was just too damn hot/humid down there. I digress…
I have signed up for the Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathon that takes place in exactly 12 weeks. For my previous half attempts, I have used the Hal Higdon plan that incorporates 3-4 short runs per week with one long distance run on the weekend. This plan has been less than awesome in my opinion as I loathe distance running (this coming from someone that continuously signs up for these forms of self punishment). A few months back I attended the Crossfit Endurance seminar in Chicago and learned not only a new method of running, but also a way of training for long distance events that combined crossfit with limited short runs. With that said…I plan on using the CFE Twelve Week Advanced Training Plan for my upcoming race. The plan was invented by CFE creator and owner, Brian Mackenzie (also considered a god in crossfit land).

The plan is designed for triathletes, however, can be adapted to those with a single sport as well so I am planning on using the running portion for my training. For the crossfit portions, I will use the scheduled programming at New Species. Where my schedule allows, I will typically do the CFE work during mornings and Crossfit WODs in the afternoon.

Theoretically, it should end up looking something like this:
Sunday: Rest
Monday: CFE/Crossfit
Tuesday: Crossfit
Wednesday CFE/Crossfit
Thursday: Rest
Friday: CFE/Crossfit
Saturday: Crossfit

With that said, things happen and schedules change so it may have to be changed/flip flopped some weeks. Also I currently have 5 crossfit workouts scheduled per week. Depending on my energy level during the day and workouts, I may cut that back to 4.

I have to say this is a big leap of faith as this plan incorporates much less running than any of the other half marathons I have done so I am not positive this will work. I know it’s a bit of a leap of faith, but if I can train for a long race while avoiding the long slow distance that stereotypically accompanies it, I will be much more willing to do these in the future. In addition, I think it will allow me to control my sugars more as well. If anything I am thinking this will help me lose some pounds that I have put back on in recent months (moving, work, vacation…yeah yeah I know).   Right now I need to lose approx 25 so lets set a goal of 2 per week and see what happens.   Looks like this could be the last drink you see in my hands for awhile.


Dangerously High and Don’t Know Why

Pre-workout  11:30 AM – 157    0 Carbs/0.0 Humalog

Pump off 12:15 PM – 1:05 PM

Post workout 1:30 PM:  454

Food Notes: none

I have no good explanation for what happened here.   I removed my pump for approx 50 minutes and put it back on.  While driving back to the office, I started to feel very nauseous and wondered if it was low blood sugar.   To my surprise, it was through the roof when I got back and tested.



Strength: skin the cat 25 times

Good flexibility and core work here.   I was able to make it around a few times with no assistance.

AMARP in 15 minutes

3 chest to bar pull ups

5 KB snatch, 1.5 pood each arm

7 box jumps


This was completely awful but now I can see why.   If my bloodsugar was anthing like it was when I tested it, it would totally explain my sluggish performance.


Time:  6 Rounds even…not a good day all around


UPDATE: 4 PM   After giving myself 9 units post 452 bs, I tested 2.5 hours later and it was still 375.   I am thinking the problem my lie more in the delivery of my pump.

Slow and Steady

Pre-workout  5:30 PM – 292    0 Carbs/2.0 Humalog

Pump off 6:10 PM – 6:35 PM

Post workout 7:00 PM:  371

Food Notes: none

There was a problem with my pump reservoir.    I am not sure if it was bad insulin or no delivery, but after changing the pump post workout with a new reservoir, my sugar came down and was fine for the rest of the evening.



Strength: Front squat: 10-8-8-5-5-5

WOD: AMRAP in 15 of:

5 pullups

10 box jumps

20m bear crawl

Not much to report here…I took it slow and steady.  I felt pretty winded during the box jumps as I hadn’t been to the box in a week.   I got nauseous half way though so just tried to take it one round at a time.   On a bright note, my pull-up kipp was in good form today.

Time:  9 Rounds even

All out of Gas in Burpee Land

Pre-workout  5:30 AM – 111    0 Carbs/0.0 Humalog

Pump off 6:40 AM – 7:05 AM

Post workout 7:15 AM:  261

Food Notes:  spoon of pb pre-workout

Back to the same ol morning problem.   There is a .9 unit basal deficiency between when I wake up at 5:30 and when my normal morning bolus kicks in at 7am.   Since I am only up before 7 on the days of my morning work outs, I am going to attempt to experiment with an extra 1.5 bolus dose at 5:30 administered square wave over a period of 1:30 hrs.   Of course I will keep a test throughout and snack ready to go incase I need it.  It will be interesting to see if this is the cause of my morning post-workout highs.



Strength: Back squat 5-3-3-1-1-1

My heaviest was 275 and I failed on 315 twice.  Disappointing because I did 315×2 last week.   My intensity wasn’t ramped up enough.

WOD: 21-15-9 reps for time of:

95 pound Front squat



Time:  14:49   I felt like I had zero energy during the WOD.   The squats went alright (though my form slipped as I went to my toes when going down rather than staying on the heels), but the burpees were just impossible and I could barely kip the pull ups to save my life.  I really had to grind through this one just to get to the end.


On a side note, here is a nice post from Crossfit Overcome that pays tribute to burpees and the sheer will it takes to overcome them.   Man i hate burpees…


Long Live The Burpee « “You’re Entitled to Overcome”


Paleo Orange Chicken – Baked Kale – Honey Glazed Carrots

This recepie turned out really well.   I followed it almost by the book only substituting olive oil for the coconut oil in the chicken.  The biggest challenge was coordinating these three dishes to finish at approx the same time.

It isn’t easy to find coconut aminos, but I was able to locate them in the Asian foods section at Whole Foods.

Health-Bent | Paleo Orange Chicken

The kale was especially good.   On the first batch, I forgot to add the sea salt before putting in the oven (I found 15-17 min at 350 made them crisp but still tasty).

Kale Chips | Paleo Plan

Honey carrots were tasty but when I mixed them into the bowl with honey, the dill did not take to the carrots well.   Most of the dill, in fact, stayed on the sides of the bowl with the remainder of the honey.    It was still tasty, but would have been nice if more of the dill would have taken.

Honey Dill Carrots | Paleo Plan


Peppered Lime Shrimp & Caramelized Pineapple

Here is a little number I made last night.   If you like spicy, shrimp and pineapple then this will be a good one.   My results weren’t perfect as I accidently added too much cayenne to the shrimp (as a result it was a bit too much for the girlfriend, who is not a fan of spicy foods) but the carmelized pineapple was very yummy.

One note, instead of the palm sugar, I substituted 1.5 tbs of agave nectar because I had it in the pantry.

Also, if you are not a fan of lime (or lots of lime) you may want to use the sauce as an option to dip the shrimp, rather than coat it.

the preppy paleo: Peppered Lime Shrimp & Caramelized Pineapple.

Overall i’d say it worked out pretty well as my 2 hour post dinner blood sugar was 82!

No Rope For You

Pre-workout 5:30 AM – 234 0 Carbs/1.0 Humalog

Pump off 6:40 AM – 7:00 AM

Post workout 7:15 AM: 141

Food Notes: Handful of almonds before I left.

This insulin ratio seemed to work, however, it did not jive with the trend that I had been seeing in recent morning workouts. From my previous experience in the mornings, I would have expected my sugar to be in the low 200 range (don’t get me wrong, I am happy with 141, but it seems to be more of an outlier than the standard). I don’t know why it was a bit high in the morning as well. My only explanation is that I am still fighting a cold and my sugars have been a bit up and down lately.

Workout Strength:: 5 hang cleans on every 3rd minute for 9 minutes End result was 135. I tried to get 155 but failed after the first couple. Just wasn’t feeling it today.

WOD: For time: 400m run 30 kb swings 1.5 pood 3 rope climbs 400m run 20 kb swings 2 rope climbs 400m run 10 kb swings 1 rope climb I still am nowhere near where I need to be on the rope climb so I substituted 36-24-12 ring rows per Josh’s orders. The run and rows were the hard part. I rather enjoyed the KB swings but alas…I still suffered.

Time: 15:58 Meh…still feeling pretty crappy today. I am taking tomorrow off.